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How We Landscape

We believe that soil and adding preparation is the single most important component of landscaping. By properly testing soil, tilling, prepping and adding amendments, LawnMasterNC gives your landscape and turf the nutrients and foundation to thrive for years to come.

At LMNC, one of the biggest mistakes we see is over-planting. Robert Webb uses his visual talent to help clients understand how the landscape should work. We’re in business to give you a thorough landscape installation that makes sense from a maintenance perspective, while adding value to your home or business, always bearing in mind that plants grow. That’s the way we’ve operated since 1993, and the way we will continue to operate.

Throughout Raleigh, Wake County and the Triangle area, you’ll see the results. Around homes, office buildings, places of business and institutions, from completely new lawns to the addition of shrubs, flowers and hedges. LMNC people put their time and talents into making The Art of The Landscape not just words, but a way of working.


Forward-thinking, constructive design that considers future growth and maintenance.


Seamless project delivery by technically savvy contractors who deliver on your project goals and budget.


Consistent service and proactive solutions that keep your property at it’s best, now and in the future.


Thoughtful improvements to enrich your landscape’s appearance and sustainability.